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Squid Game Costumes

Squid Game costumes based on the TV serie. Available worldwide with free shipping.

Let the Games Begin

If you haven't watched Netflix's latest sensation, then you are in for a rollercoaster of emotions. Squid Game is a global phenomenon currently holding the number one spot in 83 countries. The dystopian South Korean drama explores the deeply philosophical topics of morality, survival instincts, and the value money has in our lives. All these issues manifest themselves as contestants play a series of childhood games, losing, which means certain death.

The show is fast-paced, gut-wrenching, and one that forces us to question our mortality. It is thoroughly entertaining. But what truly makes Squid Game a true masterpiece is how it connects to millions around the world. While none we have experienced being approached by an unknown organization and offered a chance to win a life-changing sum of money in return for life and deathmatches, the desperation and poverty experienced by the contestants are all too familiar for many.

Are you ready?

Reg Light, Green Light

Hate it or love it, the show has piqued global interest, and the success of any show made its actors megastars. The cast has been shoved into the spotlight, from an explosion in social media following to becoming the global ambassador of a high-end fashion brand.

However, to say that only the show's cast has been receiving attention would be wrong. Squid Games iconic costumes have been high in demand ever since the release of the show. From the teal-colored player's tracksuits to the guards' bright fuchsia jumpsuits and even the guards' masks, people are scrambling to get a hands-on these articles in a bid to show their appreciation for the show.

The teal green players' tracksuit has been a top seller, especially since Halloween is right around the corner. There is nothing better than finding a Halloween costume that is not only comfortable and on-trend but one that can work afterward as well as loungewear. The players' tracksuit is a practical outfit since it was meant to allow players to move freely and play the games with ease in them.

Squid Game Costume

On the other hand, are the Squid Game guards' jumpsuits. These are bright fuchsia, almost red. The color block jumpsuits give the wearer a dominating aura, which is critical to highlight the power dynamics between the players and guards.

Every inch of the guards' body is concealed, even the hands, and the final touch that makes the jumpsuits even more ominous is the mask. The Squid Game guards' mask comes in two variations, one for the soldier and one for the managers, displaying the hierarchical setup. Without the masks, the jumpsuits appear identical, so the mask provides a subtle differentiation.

For further details, kindly refer to the page for each item. The jumpsuit comes in six size variations, from extra small to double extra-large, meaning there are plenty of options for people with different body types.

There is no better way to dress up for Halloween than to adopt the identity of the nameless, ruthless guards.

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